A Well Spent Day In Alton IL

Alton, IL is a town that is located right on the Mississippi River. While it is located in the state of Illinois, it’s more or less part of the Greater St Louis Metropolitan area. I visited the town with the intention of seeing a rural area that sat quietly on the river. It did not disappoint.


I obviously had to check out the Mississippi River. It is everything that I had read about in textbooks all throughout my school years. It is a vast body of water with a lot of scenery and history to it. It was such a cool experience. The trees surrounding it complimented the river very well.


The bridge is one of the best parts of Alton. Sitting right along the river, The Clark Bridge gave the scenery a more “metropolitan” type of aesthetic, but it didn’t take away from the rural, nature filled vibe.


Since Alton is a town that prides itself on being by the river, there is a National Great Rivers Museum that is dedicated to telling the large history of rivers such as the Mississippi River. I was impressed by the depth of knowledge the museum showcased. Just outside of it, I noticed that there was a great dam, known as the Melvin Price Locks and Dam. It’s a brilliant structure and a historic one at that.



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